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The Social Status of Women in Ancient Greece: History Revealed (Part 3)

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In the first part of the article we illustrated various snapshots of the Ancient Greek Culture which not only demonstrated the fact that females were considered as equal to males but also that many historical records have been twisted.

The question that arises, is why?

In the second part, we were able to determine the fact that, in Ancient Greece, “Ancient Olympic Games for Females” did exist; something that remains mostly unknown to mainstream history.

Once again, the questions that come to mind are why and who would do something like this? Why would anyone want to downgrade the role of females through history? Why would someone want to erase the equal role of women, and the impact they had, throughout history?

The third part of the article will try to address these issues as much as it can be done inside the space constrains of an article.

Let us begin…

When studying historical records, both the official side (mainstream history) and the unofficial side, it becomes more than obvious that in Ancient Times, societies were formed around the concept of males-females being equal or, in some cases, the status of females was above the one of males; in other terms, a matriarchy was established.

During these times, inside their societies close-bonds were formed, among their members, and rulership was mostly exercised by females or a male-female pair of equal status. This makes sense if we consider the fact that males had to go out hunting while females had to remain back home to sustain the settlements. Due to the fact that females were not very strong, from a physical point, they had to collaborate with each other so as to deal with everyday problems; this lead for females to develop various social and team-work skills in order to manage affairs.

Side Note 1: Due to the above reasons we can still observe the results in nowadays societies. For instance, women like to chat a lot while men are more “direct” with their replies. In other terms, many times (from a psychological perspective) when females address an issue, males provide a quick answer because in their minds they try to figure out a quick, and accurate, solution to the problem; however, what they neglect is the fact that women just want to talk about it rather than to just be given a “one-line answer” to it. Logical, when we consider the fact that during the hunting process males had to give quick directives to the other hunters so as to catch their prey; they did not have the luxury of long chit-chats. On the other hand, females who were managing the settlements had to do long conversations so as to build bonds with other women of the settlement. Unfortunately, the impact of this phenomenon is still valid today and constantly leads to various misunderstandings between males and females.

Side Note 2: With the term “Ancient Times” we refer to the time period after the fall of Atlantis (aka ca 9600 BC onwards).

Long story short, it became widely accepted that males were more effective in dealing with physical problems (like hunting, farming or wars) while, one the other hand, females became more effective in dealing with managerial issues; hence, leadership was handed to females or to a male-female couple that was of equal status. In the second case the male-leader was responsible for “foreign” affairs while the female-leader was responsible for running the “settlement’s – kingdom’s” internal affairs.

And the centuries passed…

Now, if you observe history so far you should have realized that everything went well because of one main factor: due to the abundance of food, water and wealth. The key factor to keep in mind is the term “abundance”.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever… Due to the change of various environmental conditions, like prolonged dry seasons, abundance became scarce and many settlements were forced to migrate to other, more rich, areas.

So what is the problem anyway, you may wonder…

Regrettably, this situation was a game-changer for the matriarchal societies… that is, for the worse…

The impact of the aforementioned migration process had the following, and long-lasting, results in human history:

One, during the migration process settlements clashed against each other; and a violent warlike-period was initiated. In other words, the migrating settlement (let us call it settlement A) became desperate in need of food, water etc. Eventually, during their travels they would come across an area that was rich of resources; the problem: another settlement was already occupying that region (let us call it settlement B). Consequently, settlement A clashed against settlement B; the victorious one would take it all, while the loser - would lose it all! Hence, survival of the strongest became the new dogma of that time. And since war demanded physical strength the fittest to rule were males; and men eventually stripped women of their leadership rights.

Two, during the migration-process long distances had to be covered. That means that the conditions that the migrating settlements had to deal with, became in a sense inhuman. That in turn, brought into light humanity's “dark-forces” in which mothers abandoned their children, men abandoning their families to seek out food (without any guarantees of making it back alive), peaceful societies turned into violence and so forth… And the strongest, from a physical point of view, were men… hence they gradually took over leadership affairs.

The conclusion was that, through the centuries, matriarchal societies gradually became patriarchal.

The societies of Ancient Greece were able to restore the balance till a certain extent but through the rise of the Roman Empire the balanced gradually tilled once again in favour of men-centred societies. The finishing blow, against women, came from the Byzantine Empire and Christianity in regards to Western societies. Concerning, the Middle East and Asia, due to the rise of various religious dogmas, almost all of the rights that females had - were essentially blown away; and inequality was established. Concerning America, regardless of what kind of societies the natives had established – it did not matter once the Conquistadors arrived; everything became “European” alike… the rest is history…

Now, let us address a few more issues…

One: does science support the notion of prolonged dry-periods and if yes, where did it all begin?

The answer is yes, and according to James DeMeo, it all originated from the Middle-East areas and afterwards, the second wave of prolonged dry-periods originated from central Asia. Keep in mind that we are referring to the epicentres of this environmental phenomenon… because the effects were visible almost on a global scale... And it also should not strike you as a surprise that the aforementioned “epicentres” are, even nowadays, the most hard-core places in which females are subjugated!

Two: Are the effects of the male-centred ideas still visible today?

To be blunt, you have to be blind not to see them in our societies, even today… Depending on which society you turn your focus to, inequality manifests either through direct or indirect means. In other words, in advanced societies inequality manifests in a concealed way. Examples of this indirect-manifestation are: females are not paid as well as males are, most leadership positions are occupied by males, sexist behaviour almost everywhere and so forth.

Three: The psychological factors of men dominance over females are so far reaching that they can be observed even in the area of sex (aka having sex with a partner).

What, you may wonder?

During sex the aforesaid phenomenon manifests through the so called role-play... Scientific studies have proven that the striking majority of females get “turned on” more, when they assume the role of being domineered while having sex. That is also why the market of sex-gadgets is booming…

The list is almost infinite, so we will stop here, but before we will close the article we would like to address one final question:

Why, would someone want females to appear inferior to males; and that someone would even go so far as to twist historical facts?

One approach would be to suggest that since males have managed to take control over leadership affairs completely, why would they want to hand over power (or part of it)?

Granted… a very logical response and holds true till a certain extent…

Moreover, another underlying reason is the fact that our current societies have been established around the idea of indirect-inequality… Even mothers push their own girls to seek out, for marriage, a rich and a powerful male; usually defined through his wealth.

That in turn points out a very interesting psychological factor: women do not seek money, for the sake of money, but for the sake of security; to be more precise, the more money someone has the more secure he/she feels.

Other factors that support inequality are: the low level of education, poverty and (extreme) religious beliefs. The more these factors are apparent the more inequality exists and the more (openly) violent is used against women.

From the eyes of science, in order to re-establish equality most scientists (as well as archaeologists) would have to rewrite most, if not all, of their books and researches; adding to it the fact that their careers have been built upon these researches, it is highly unlikely that they would agree to change anything… Not to mention the financial factor… big money is involved in the entire procedure… Consequently, nonsense is promoted as historical facts and inequality is been sustained.

Add to it the fact that many “great” archaeologists of the past (like the past 300-400 years), when making their excavations, they were majorly influenced by the social beliefs of their time; that means, males considered females as inferior. And that biased view was pushed into their findings. Well, these “great” archaeologists are highly valued by today’s educational system… so why would the system want to change anything if everyone still believes their nonsense?

From an esoteric point of view, by breaking the balance between male-female, and by establishing inequality, our world will never be able to reach peaceful times. Consider this for a moment: during the past 2500 years all major wars have been waged by males. Females replied by using underhanded and indirect measures, so as to influence leadership affairs.

The point is that both genders strive to dominate the other instead of seeking equilibrium.

What is more, from an occult perspective, so as to restore the world’s balance harmony, between the genders, has to be established so as to release the most powerful and constructive force of all: Love!

How is that reflected?

Do you guys remember, or even know, the famous esoteric saying: “As above, so below”?

… Let us explore the above saying by adding Christianity into the equation…

God, Christ and the Holy Spirit form a triangle with its top-corner directed upwards; and these forces together created our world of creation.

For the esoteric saying to be valid, it has to be applicable to our world (the world below the heavens) by reversing the triangle… And how is it relevant?

According to Christianity the apex of creation is man (aka male and female). Consequently, when these two unite through, the power of love, they are able to mimic God’s power of creation; by giving life to a new existence – a child is born into our world.

The same concept applies with yin and yang.

Apparently, there are forces behind the scenes (use your imagination…) that do not want for the world to attain its balance, for males and females to become equal… whereas conflict and war is been promote…

So where does it lead us?

Should males hand over power to females and let them lead our world?

Should the status quo remain as it is, in hopes that we might eventually come across a brighter future?

The answer: None of the above…

The only way for humanity to create a brighter future is to follow the spirit of the Ancient Greek Olympic Games!

As in the Olympic Games two victors emerged (let’s say, from each sport), one male and one female, who symbolized the male and female aspects of the cosmic powers - and through the symbolic-marriage, balance was established; similarly today, equality has to be established among both genders.

If we want for our world to become a better place, for generations to come, it is of imperative importance that both males and females will accept each other for what they really are: they are equal and they complement each other. What one gender lacks the other fulfils; and balance is restored.

Hence, humans need to open up to each other, to respect each other and to support each other.

We should not give in to fear, which may lead to violence or shutting each other out from our lives, but we should bravely advance towards the future united…

United we can definitely fulfil our destiny… and that is to take our rightful place among the gods… where we truly belong… a place among the stars…

So guys,

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