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The Social Network: What it is all about

What Our Social Network is all about

Our Social Media Platform could be described in one line as: the science or the serious version of other social media platforms out there.

In other words, we are not so much interested in your private life but rather on what you have to teach and to tell others about the things that:

you like, you know, you research, you study and explore or your hobbies.

Are you good at something?

Tell us about it, show it to the world and teach everyone how you do it or about what you know.

For instance: are you a photographer?

Show your work to others, tell them about it, promote your work and teach them how to become great photographers like yourself.

Connect with each other!

In more detail: if we were to describe our social network platform in a nutshell, it could be summarized in the following nine points:

It is a Private and exclusive Social Network

The Social Network of Ancient Greece Reloaded aims in promoting the free flow of knowledge, information, exchange of opinions and sciences (excluded are: politics, religions and inappropriate content as well as illegal stuff like: pornography, paedophilia etc).

Two in one: Social Media and Blogging

Go Invisible

Become Validated and claim the symbol

Direct access to Updates and the Team

Reach everyone (no hidden restrictions)

Power to You

Become a Part

So, what do we mean with the aforementioned nine points?

We are interested in quality rather than quantity. Moreover, we want to give everyone that wishes to promotes his work, his hobbies or his interests a social media platform that will not restrict the individual with formalities but will allow you to fully explore your own creative potentials.

Before we go in more detail, please Note: for simplicity reason we will use terms like he, him, his etc. instead of "he or she" and so forth.

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In regards to the First point (privacy and exclusive)

Our social media platform sets itself apart, from all other social platforms out there, in the fact that all of your data remains private and under no circumstances will your personal info be given to any third parties like Advertisement companies etc!

When we state that your personal data will not be given nor will it be sold to any third parties, we clearly state it and we mean it.

In other terms, your private and personal data is your own data and you can use your personal information as you see fit – not the other way around.

No secret servers or no secret paragraphs in our disclaimer that would, one way or another, sell or offer your personal info to anyone (for more, you can check out disclaimer here: Private Policy and Disclaimer ).

Moreover, assuming that one day – for whatever reason - you would decide to close your account, it would lead to the fact that all of your data would be deleted permanently.

Meaning, that if you decide to proceed with closing your account, all of your data will be purged from our database permanently (thus, be 100% sure that you would want to proceed with this step because once completed, no data recovery will be possible).

To summarize this point:

The social media platform that you are about to enter is a media platform that values above all the privacy of its members and thus, all of your data will be kept secure and private to anyone; which in a sense, makes it an exclusive social media platform.

Point Two (Free flow of information and knowledge)

The current social media platform of Ancient Greece Reloaded (similar to its Forum) aims in promoting the free flow of: knowledge, information (gamers and gaming included), exchange of opinions and sciences (with the exceptions that were mentioned at the beginning).

The reason why we exclude topics of politics and religions from our social media platform is the fact that we consider these two topics by default, biased and solely based on the individual's personal beliefs. Consequently, they do not add anything valuable for our members to explore besides of someone's personal belief system (there are other social media platforms that allow these topics hence, you can talk about it over there).

Clarifications and Exceptions for politics and Religions:

Topics that are focused on points such as geopolitics, the evolution of politics or religions through time etc., solely from a research point of view are allowed; but going into areas like Trump or Putin sucks or is good, or that this is the only true religion while the other one is wrong etc. are not allowed - and if members go into such paths, they will be banned instantly and permanently!

Apart from it, everyone is welcomed as long as he or she follows the rules of good contact and respects the opinions of others. You do not have to agree with everyone but you do have to respect the opinions of others.

Point Three (Social Media and Blogging)

Another aspect that sets us apart from the rest is that we have also incorporated into our social media platform a blogging system.

So, what does this mean?

It means that:

On the one hand, you can create your own page(s)… this is something that you should be familiar with if you are already using any other social media.

While on the other hand, you can create your own blog! There you can further extend your work in a detailed manner and present it to your followers and to the world.

Consequently, you have your own social media platform and your own blog in one place!

Think of it this way: you are a blogger that has build a large follower base through the years. Now you are able to use simultaneously a social media platform and a blogging platform!

What is more, when you post something, this post, informs and reaches everyone of your friends and followers; no hidden methods that could restrain your reach.

You have 1000 friends; all of your 1000 friends and followers will receive the notification of your update or post!

And the best thing of all: it is free!

Point Four (Go Invisible)

Assuming that your work, or research, is so advanced or huge, and you have found fellow researchers that would like to dwell into all of it in: a) a more advanced manner and b) away from the public eye; in this case, you can also request your own private and exclusive area to do so!

What does this mean, how does it work and how much does it cost?

You can contact directly the admin and make such a request; state why you want such an area and what it is all about.

The next step would be for the Admin, and his team, to create an invisible, and exclusive, section for you, and your followers or co-researchers, inside our highly advanced forum; solely reserved for you and the members of your choice (aka, invite only).

Even existing members of our Forum would not be able to see or enter your own private area.

Why the Forum of Ancient Greece Reloaded instead of the Social Media Platform?

Because our Forum has been created for such advanced and private researches; and the tools available in there are designed for that purpose.

How much does it cost? Zero… it is free!

Please Note:

Only Verified Members (see the next point) can make requests for an Invisible Area.

Point Five (become Verified)

Let us assume that you are a blogger, a researcher, a famous person, an author or a business person that tries to build up his/her follower base so as to create brand awareness and so forth.

If you have observed, in the other social media platforms people appear that claim to be someone that they are not. Thus, when you search for a person you usually see additional profiles that claim of being that individual or company.

Hence, how can someone protect himself, his work, his research, his reputation or his name?

The Answer:

By initiating the process of and by becoming a Verified member.

In other terms, we have incorporated into our social media platform an accurate verification system.

Do you have to do it?


What happens if an individual, company etc. becomes verified?

Once verified, next to your name will appear the symbol of verification!

Thus, you are letting the world know that this is the real you!

The rest, that does not have the verification icon next to their names, in contrast to you, they are just fakes and can get banned if they try to use your name or your work without your permission!

Consequently, you are the real one and in complete control of your identity.

For more read:

The Process of becoming a Verified member

And What about the Privacy of your Data?

As stated at the beginning: we DO NOT sell or give any info of our community members to anyone or whatever third party (see also our Privacy Policy for more, direct link below).

Privacy Policy

Point Six (Direct access to Updates and the Team)

In contrast to other social media platforms, the members of our social media platform have direct access to any updates and can directly contact and speak with the team.

Updates and Newsfeed:

As stated above, in contrast to other social media platforms, in which members receive constantly tons of "unreadable" updates or have no idea where to find the updates that are going on, in our social media platform all updates will be posted in the following two links:

Admin Page

Admin Blog


Please Note: Our suggestion would be to bookmark the aforementioned two links so as to be able to find them easily and in order to stay up to date about everything that goes on in our social media platform.


All updates will be visible to all community members and everything will be stated in simple and clear terms.

No hidden paragraphs or anything.

Everything will be visible and all members of the community can read the latest news, at any point in time.

Consequently, by visiting the aforementioned two links you can view all updates and announcements.

And who can contact the Team directly?

Verified Members Only!!!:

Read more here:

Updates, Contacting the Admin Directly and PM the Admin

Point Seven (Reach everyone)

Another aspect that differentiates us is that: You can reach everyone!

Usually, in various social media platforms when you make a post in your page, or timeline, not all (!!!) of your friends or followers see that post. Many times, hidden restrictions occur that essentially minimize the reach of your post; so as to (indirectly) guide you to paid post promotions.

In our social media platform, no such restrictions occur!

In other terms, once you post something it will become visible to ALL of your friends or followers – no restrictions apply to your reach.

Point Eight (Power to You)

As Ancient Greece Reloaded, we strongly believe that community members should be empowered; and this is also why we follow a decentralized arrangement!

What do we mean by that?

Besides of promoting the free flow of knowledge and information, we also empower community members that wish to become part of Ancient Greece Reloaded.

And one way of doing it is to turn community members into moderators and thus, they gain the power to oversee and to watch over the entire community.

Assuming that you would wish to be elevate to the status of a moderator, please read more by following the link below:

Becoming a Moderator


Because we strongly believe that "together, we can make great things happen!"

Point Nine (Become a Part)

As stated at the beginning, two of the main things that set us apart from all the other social media platforms are member privacy and empowering the community members.

In regards to the first aspect:

The striking majority of social media platforms make a lot of money by “giving” sensitive info of their members to third-party companies or organizations (like advertising companies).

In our case we clearly state that we will not do such a thing!

In other terms, no third-party companies will be involved and literally all of our members’ data shall remain private.

Consequently, this brings us to the following question:

Since we do exclude such an enormous pool of money how do we keep going?

In all honesty, it is thanks to the donations that we receive which keep us going.

Which means that if you do like our social media platform but above all value your own privacy than please consider in supporting us, and our project, in the following ways – as listed below:

Donations and Support

Since everything is offered for free, we also do rely in our community’s donations and support.

For instance, we are currently using pro VPS servers for our project (and these buggers are highly expensive). On top of that, as we constantly upgrade our services etc, we have to move to even higher performance servers (like Cloud Servers); and the cost shoots through the roof.

The above is only one example which illustrates circumstances.

What is more, we do not sale any data to advertisement companies or other third parties; which pay a lot for peoples' data.

Long story short, it is thanks to our community's support that the project is able to thrive.

And at this point we would like to ask you for the following:

If you like what we are doing, if you like our community, if you wish to support our project – and of course you if can afford it, do not hesitate to support us through a donation by going to the following PayPal link:

Project Donation

Or through Patreon, here:

Become a Patreon

Additional Ways to Support us:

As you can realize, all this work is time-consuming and costly (i.e. our server's upkeep costs, countless hours of research etc.); hence, we are counting on your support to keep us going.

You can support us through your donations. This will allow us to produce more content faster, to cover costs, and to launch projects that will further improve Ancient Greece Reloaded.

You can tell your friends about us! We don't really advertise, so word of mouth is how we grow. If you like what we do, please go ahead and tell your friends about us. Share our links on social media. Recommend us to a colleague or send your students our way. We love to welcome new readers!

Or, due to the fact that we are caffeine addicts, you can just buy us a cup of coffee... and we will make it through the night.

In regards to the second aspect:

Additional ways of supporting our social media platform would be if you would focus more on quality content rather than just "duckfaces".

Offer valuable content, about things that interest you, and allow other members to learn from you and the valuable content that you provide them with.

Make it worthwhile for your followers to read your posts or blogs.

Moreover, as a validated member, you can request to become a moderator; thus, we can share the workload with you.

Furthermore, respect each other even if you disagree with their opinions.

Finally, and above all, have fun and enjoy being around our social media platform and the project of Ancient Greece Reloaded.

We thank you!