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Becoming a Moderator

Becoming a Moderator

As Ancient Greece Reloaded, we strongly believe that "together, we can make great things happen"!

This is also why, we decentralize things, as much as it is possible.

Now... assuming that a member wishes to dive deeper into the world of Ancient Greece Reloaded and to actively oversee the growth of the project of Ancient Greece Reloaded, if he or she truly cares about the community of Ancient Greece Reloaded and thus, gaining the power to affect things, he or she can actually apply for the role of a moderator.

In other words, the members that will be elevated to the status of a moderator, essentially and through time, will become the gatekeepers and the overseers of the social media platform itself.

And what better way is there to have these gatekeepers rise from the community itself?


For someone to gain the status of a moderator and thus, overseeing together with us the social media platform, and if desired the future platforms that are to come, the member has to fulfil at least the following requirements:

1. Only validated members gain the privilege to apply for the role of a moderator.

2. The member has to be active in the social platform, to contribute valuable content and the member’s account has to be at least 6 months old and active (exceptions may apply).

3. To know how the social media platform works (just a matter of experience through time)

4. Respects the privacy of others!!!

5. Wishes to become a moderator thus, sends a request to us (usually we make announcements if moderators are needed in the Admin Page or/and the Admin Blog)

6. To be a team player and to love what he/she is doing.

7. To know the area that he/she oversees.

8. Must have a sense of humour

9. Must be pro-active, neutral and honest

10. Respects the opinions of others even if he/she disagrees with them

11. Must be at least 18 years or older

12. Wishes to support the project of Ancient Greece Reloaded.

The question that arises here is: why would we "upgrade" members to the status of a moderator?

The answer is simple: In contrast to other platforms we value our members and strongly believe that "power" should be decentralized and given to our members. Consequently, we can work together and create a vibrant social community.

Finally, the members that were successfully with their application as a moderator will receive further instructions, afterwards, directly from the Admin.