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Updates and Contacting the Administrator

Updates and Contacting the Administrator


In contrast to other social media platforms, in which members receive constantly tons of “unreadable” updates, in our social media platform all updates will be posted in the following two links:

Admin Page:

Admin Page

Admin Blog:

Admin Blog

All updates will be visible to all community members and everything will be stated in simple and clear terms.

No hidden paragraphs or anything.

Everything will be visible.

Consequently, by visiting the aforementioned two links you can view all updates and announcements.

Contacting the Admin Directly

(Please Note: the specific privilege is solely reserved for the validated members only!)

Another main advantage of our social media platform is the fact that members can directly contact the admin and ask their questions.

The question – answer process will be public and all members will be able to read it (aka, the specific posts will be visible to all members of our community).

Consequently, the above statement gives rise to three questions:

When to contact the Admin, how to contact the Admin and who can contact the Admin?


If you have read through all the available material and still have questions or would like to propose something that would further enhanced our community, you can contact the Admin.


You can contact the Admin directly trough the Amin Page and ask your questions by visiting the following link:

Admin Page:

Admin Page


Who can contact the Admin directly?

Only validated members can do it!!!

In other terms, members that have gone through the validation process, and have been validated, are given the privilege to contact and to speak with the Admin directly.

So, why is that?

Because members that did go through the validation process, have proven that they are engaging with our platform honestly and seriously.

Moreover, through the validation process, they have demonstrated that their accounts reflect actual members (aka, real people) and not some dummy accounts.

Thus, they have gained the privilege to speak directly with the Admin, to ask their questions and to receive direct support.

Questions coming to the Admin by members that have NOT been validated will either be ignored or these members will be banned from the platform.

PM the Admin Directly

Only validated members are allowed to do it!!!

The main question is: when?

Assuming that a validated member wants to ask a question, or to request something, that he/she would prefer not to be public… then a validated member is allowed to PM the Admin.

For instance, if a validated member would like to have an area solely reserved for him and a small group of other validated members… that member can directly contact the Admin and make such a request.

What will follow is for the Admin to create an invisible section inside the Forum that will be solely reserved for the specific validated members.

Why an invisible area?

Assuming that there is a group of scientists, researchers, business people, programmers, software developers etc. that would like to discuss a subject in depth and privately; the Admin will create this invisible area solely for them. Thus, those validated members will be able to utilize the full power of our advanced tools inside our Forum.