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Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

How it works

In essence everything is pretty simple and straight forward:

1. All members are allowed to express their thoughts, beliefs and researches in regards to every subject, and science, of their liking.

2. When you say something, regardless if it is of mountain importance or some crazy stuff, provide data and facts for it.

3. We promote diversity and the free flow of information and knowledge.

4. When you disagree with someone DO NOT take a troll approach (you will get banned) nor should you use absolute terms. Here is why: one of the main concepts on which this social platform is based on is the meaning of the Ancient Greek word συζήτηση which derives from συν + αναζήτηση – meaning that: we search together! Consequently, a conversation with another member, even if you disagree, may become the spark that can ignite your research to go into a plethora of deeper levels; and that is the point of a conversation.

5. You are allowed to promote, if you so desire, your books, your researches, your music etc through your own page; we have no problem with that.

6. In essence: respect each other and their opinions, provide data and facts when you make a statement – or engage in a conversation; so as for other members to gain something of value from your conversation, knowledge and insights.

7. Be polite and respectful.

8. Have (definitely) a sense of humour.

9. Do not troll or spam; you will get banned permanently.

10. Religious and political talks are not allowed (go to another social media platform for that).

11. Above all: have fun and enjoy!

12. If we have forgotten something we will add it at a later point in time.

What is NOT allowed

Only a few things:

1. Political and Religious conversations, posts and topics are not allowed. You have other social media for it – so, take it over there.

2. Trolling, bulling, spamming, cursing, being disrespectful etc. will get you banned instantly and permanently.

3. Fake news and so forth are not allowed and will get you banned instantly and permanently.

Additional Points

Here are some additional facts that provide our members with a more advance experience:

1. Apart from your own page you can also create your own blog inside the social media platform of Ancient Greece Reloaded. Hence, you have “two in one” for free.

2. Assuming that a respective number of validated members would wish for their own private corner to take things one step further – away from the public eye - we can create for you the following: An invisible section inside our highly advanced Forum, solely reserved for those members. Consequently, you can discuss everything, in great depth, inside your “inner-circle” of members.