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Heroes vs Monsters

The current section will focus on the Monsters that the Great Heroes defeated.

Left-Side of the Table: The Monsters

Right-Side of the Table: The Heroes who defeated them.

Heroes vs Monsters

Monsters Heroes
Calydonian Boar Meleager
Caucasian Eagle Heracles
Centaurs Arcadian Heracles
Centaurs Thessalian Pirithous Theseus
Cerberus Heracles
Cerynitian Deer Heracles
Chimaera Bellerophon
Colchian Dragon Jason
Cretan Bull Heracles
Crommyon Sow Theseus
Cyclopes Odysseus
Ethiopian Sea Monster Perseus
Gegenees Argonauts
Harpies Boreades
Hesperian Dragon Heracles
Hydra Heracles
Ismenian Dragon Cadmus
Laelaps Cephalus
Marathonian Bull Theseus
Medusa Perseus
Minotaur Theseus
Nemean Lion Heracles
Orthrus Heracles
Pegasus Bellerophon (tamed it)
Pygmies Heracles
Python Apollo (God)
Scylla Odysseus
Sirens Odysseus
Sphinx Oedipus
Stymaphalian Birds Heracles
Talus Argonauts
Teumessian Fox Amphitryon
Trojan Sea Monster Heracles
Typhoeus Zeus (God)