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We have a passion for Ancient Greece, its mythology, its history, its culture, its food (definitely that), the sea, the sun; you name it, you got it…

That being said, we created Ancient Greece Reloaded for everyone out there who shares the same passion with us; a place in which libraries, articles, researches, videos and data from all around the world will be gathered.

In other terms, we aim in creating an all-encompassing library in regards to Ancient Greece.

The range of data that is available in Ancient Greece Reloaded is enormous, and as you can guess, we will continue expanding our database constantly.


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You can support us through your donations. This will allow us to produce more content faster, to cover costs, and to launch projects that will further improve Ancient Greece Reloaded.

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Orgonites and Energy Infused Bracelets

We are active in the area of Orgonites, and energy infused gemstones, for almost 40 years!

Consequently, we have seen and tried out almost everything so as to reach the point where we can claim with confidence that our orgonites are authentic.

What is more and to help you understand it better, before we make any orgonite available, we test it for months (that also includes the observation of the orgonite's effectiveness through time).

Moreover, keep in mind that since we do create authentic orgonites... they will also affect greatly the various energy fields (i.e. your astral body etc.). Consequently, we encourage our customers to contact us and to ask us, so as for us to be able to provide them with detailed instructions of how to use their orgonites and to get the maximum effects of them.

All the aforementioned also applies with all of our gemstone products (i.e. bracelets etc).

All that being said we really hope that you will like and enjoy Ancient Greece Reloaded.

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