Gods and Goddesses

The current section will focus on the main Greek Gods and Goddesses (besides the ones in the Pantheon, the Titans or the Protogenoi - who have their own separated categories).

The Gods and Goddesses are divided in the following six groups: Agricultural, Chthonic, Health, Rustic, Sky, and Water deities.


Agricultural deities (Deities related to agriculture)
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Chthonic deities (Deities which featured in the underworld)
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Health deities (Deities related with healing or bringing illness and curses)
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Rustic deities (Deities with the power to control the elements of countryside)
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Sky deities (Deities with the power to control the elements of sky)
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Water deities (Deities with the power to control the elements of salt and fresh water)
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The above division is based on the approach that was adopted by "Greek Gods"

You will find the necessary (historical) information as well as further sources that will allow you to extend your research.

"Uncategorized Gods and Goddesses" (All the other God/Goddesses you can find them in the Mythology Section)
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Agricultural Deities

These deities or gods are related to agricultural rituals, inventions and all knowledge of agriculture that was known to the Greeks at the time. Most of them are also associated with mystery cults, such as Eleusinian mysteries or Arcadian mysteries.




Chthonic Deities

These deities or gods are related to the subterranean underworld, where the souls of the dead go. They are also associated with sacrificial rituals, when the cults made offerings to the gods in or beneath the earth itself, by throwing animals into the underground pit and pouring liquids into it.




Health Deities

These deities of gods are related with healing, health and wellbeing. They are also associated with maintaining good health and preventing or curing illnesses, diseases and afflictions.




Rustic Deities

These deities or gods are closely associated with having the power over the elements of nature. They are related with forests, mountains, plains, pastures, plantations and animals that come along with the nature.




Sky Deities

These deities or gods presided over the elements of sky, light and heavens. They are related to the periods of the day and night, the winds, clouds, stars and planets. Sky deities are also associated with air, rain, snow and rainbows.

Aeolus (Aiolos)



Water Deities

These deities or gods had the power to control the elements of water and presided over all the fresh and salt water of the earth. They are associated with seas, sea-storms, waves, currents, sea-creatures, lakes, springs, rivers, fountains, marshes and ground waters.