Triton was the son of Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite, and it was said that he was able to calm the waves of the sea by blowing through a conch shell horn. Before embarking on his quest for the golden fleece, Jason paid a visit to the Delphic Oracle.

The priestess gave to him two massive tripods along with instructions that they be carried along on the trip to Colchis. During the course of their journey, the Argonauts found themselves stranded in Libya near the edge of Lake Tritonius. Realizing the danger of their situation, Orpheus advised Jason to offer one of the tripods to the native gods in hopes of persuading them to come to their aid.

Jason did as he was told, and in an instant he and his shipmates were greeted by the god Triton. Without uttering a word, the sea deity reached over and quickly removed the tripod from his hands.

An Argonaut by the name of Euphemus blocked the god's way and politely asked if he would be so kind as to direct the crew of lost sailors to the Mediterranean Sea.

Triton pointed in the direction of the Tacapae River, and then without explanation went on to hand Euphemus a clump of earth. This was interpreted by all present as an invitation to move forward and colonize Libya.

The crew sacrificed a sheep to Triton as a gesture of thanks and with that the god latched himself onto the keel of the Argo and smoothly pulled her into the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Before departing, Triton finally broke his silence, leaving the sailors with a mysterious prediction.

The god promised that when a descendent of a particular Argonaut should seize and remove the tripod from his temple, a hundred Greek cities would rise around Lake Tritonius.

It is said that some native Libyans overheard these words and in order to protect their land, hid the tripod deep underneath the surrounding sand. This has successfully prevented Triton's prophecy from coming true even to this very day.



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