The "Justice League" of Love!

Why do things yourself when you have the help of your devoted staff? At least Aphrodite, the goddess of love in Greek mythology, looked at things that way; distributing love to millions is a tall order to fill, much less maintaining all of that to make sure that no one is losin' that lovin' feeling at any given time.

Doing what any self-respecting goddess would do, Aphrodite employed her own kiddos (by war god Ares, of all people) to assist her in her love-fueled duties. Following her around at all times and taking marching orders of love and passion was her loyal retinue, known as the EROTES.

(Ee-row-tees) This group of winged young mini-godlings was fiercely loyal to the goddess of love and acted as her constant travel companions and trusted lieutenants. Each Erote had a specific area in the love department that he specialized in, and together they symbolized the full spread of the Big L across the ancient Greek world.

They all have very similar characteristics, portrayed as ivory-winged, male minor gods, sometimes shown as sly and rambunctious teenage males. In later years, the images of young, teenage attendants of Aphrodite were replaced by the chubby, naked and jolly winged infants that people know today as Cupids.

Their numbers vary depending on the story being told, but most tell of at least four Erotes. The following are those very four described in more detail.

Aphrodite's Boys

Eros - God of Emotional Love

Anteros - God of Requited Love

Himeros - God of Desire and Unrequited Love

Pothos - God of Yearning and Wanting



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