Dark Ages to Archaic Period

Events Time Additional Explanations
Dark Age of Greece (1100-700)
Proto-Geometric Period (1100-900)
End of Mycenaean civilization Lefkandi: Toumba building. 1000 BCE
900 BCE Geometric Period (900-700)
First Olympic Games. 776 BCE
Greek colonies established in Southern Italy and Sicily.
Invention of Greek alphabet.
Homeric poems recorded in writing (750-700).
750 BCE Late Geometric (circa 760-700)
740 BCE Orientalizing Period (circa 740-650)
First Messenian War.
Sparta invades Messenia (730-710).
Naxos founded (734).
Syracuse founded (733).
730 BCE
700 BCE Archaic Period (700-480)
Earliest Lyric Poets. 650 BCE
Second Messenian War.
Sparta invades Messenia (640-630).
Cyrene founded (630).
640 BCE
Sappho born in Lesbos. 630 BCE
Thales (625-545) born in Miletos. 625 BCE
Solon replaces the Draconian law in Athens and lays the foundation for Democracy.
He introduced to Athens the first coinage and a system of weights and measures.
Pythagoras (ca. 569-475) born in Samos. 569 BCE
Pesistratos becomes tyrant of Athens. 546 BCE
Pesistratos Dies. His sons become tyrants of Athens. 527 BCE
Red-figure pottery developed in Athens. 525 BCE
Alcmaeonid family and Spartans free Athens from tyranny.
Introduction of Democracy in Athens.
510 BCE
Kleisthenes begins reforming Athenian code of laws, and establishes a democratic constitution. 508 BCE
Ionian revolt. 499 BCE
Ionian revolt defeated by Persians. 494 BCE
Persian Wars. 497-479 BCE
Battle of Marathon.
Athenians defeat Darius and his Persian army.
490 BCE
Silver mines discovered near Athens.
Athens begin building naval fleet.
483 BCE
Aristides ostracized. 482 BCE

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