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Afterlife and Death: what will happen to you when you die…

I can see dead people…

Since, among other topics, we are also writing articles that make reference to notions like self-awareness and living a virtuous life (thus, we are referring to the world of the living), we decided to write an article about the other side of the coin; namely, the world of the dead and the afterlife.

Obviously enough it’s a humungous topic that has been researched for centuries; and it is still ongoing. So how does someone address such a topic within the space constrains of an article? To tackle the issue we decided to do things differently.

First, we made use of all existing literature reviews such as: Ancient Greek, Egyptian, Toltec, Occult / Esoteric, Magic, Evocations, New Age, Religions, Masons, Science and so forth.

But does it solve the issue of space constrains?

To resolve the problem, we proceeded with the following step…

We condensed the drops of wisdom of all the material, which we did explore, so as to be able to write the current article; nevertheless, keep in mind that the topic of “Afterlife and Death” includes an almost infinite amount of subjects.

Consequently, the present article will focus on providing you with the key general concepts of “afterlife and death”, then it will outline a few facts that are generally not known to the mainstream and finally, it will proceed in answering the two most pressing questions: “is there ‘life’ after death” and “what is happening after we die”?

All that being said, let us begin...

Science and the Occult:

Many believe that science – thus, scientists, are rejecting the occult; but in fact, the striking majority of the top scientists are researching the occult! You can trace that fact by just examining the official historical records; if you decide to enter the unofficial side of history – be ready for a surprise.

If so, why do mainstream universities not teach classes, about the occult, which would lead to an increasing number of manpower (scientists); and that, in turn, would allow for more widespread researches?

You see, the problem with the governments – or the guys who finance all this stuff – is the fact that the Otherworld cannot be controlled! In other terms, no human can exercise control over these plains and topping everything off, in these worlds, humans, are not the top-dogs! So, if any of you guys live under the impression that “humans are god’s supreme creation”, we would highly urge you to get off your high horse.

A very fascinating question is the following one; which also depicts peoples' ignorance:

OK, some may wonder, even if this stuff exists who cares, it’s the otherworld, and it has nothing to do with our dimension, the world of the living, right?


The exact opposite occurs; it is extremely affecting our world, indeed!

Would you guys care to give us an example?


Occult Assassinations:

We used the mainstream term "occult assassinations" for simplicity reasons (they are differently termed in the occult circles). Now what is that again, you may wonder…

Before we tell you about that, we need to explain to you a spiritual rule, or reality; otherwise, you will not understand anything.

Our spirits (our eternal selves) have to pass, or to go through, various evolutionary phases; with the ultimate goal to finally (and eternally) stay over there (aka breaking the cycle of reincarnations). Managing that, our spirit becomes a permanent resident of the spiritual world – and our evolution continues; if not accomplished, the spirit itself will be written off from the book of creation!

Now, once your spirit is able to ditch your physical body, and eventually your soul (the soul sticks around only for the initial parts of the spirit-world), the spirit resides there. In the spirit-world, and depending on your level of evolution, it has to be trained, or educated, further before returning for another round of reincarnation.

The aforementioned description illustrates what occurs when things progress as usual. Over there, you will be taught spiritual-stuff based on your evolutionary stage.

If, on the other hand, things are revealed to a spirit that are far more advanced from its current evolutionary stage, it becomes, in sense, a loose cannon – and the other spirits (without going into any more details) will try to avoid any association with it.

Under what circumstances does such a thing occur?

Usually, but not limited to, the main process is to forcefully end somebody’s live before that individual’s lifeline has ended; aka to assassinate someone; which brings us to the occult assassinations.

Through various technics, occultists are able to determine the lifeline of people (contemporary sciences, can do it, till a certain extent as well). Once they have established that, they choose their targets based on several parameters; throw into the equation some astronomical factors, dates, times, evocations etc. – well, you get the idea.

So, what follows next?

In short: a specific type of assassination is carried out and under specific conditions (… we will not go into much more detail here for obvious reasons).

What follows next is a specific type of evocation in which the occultists bring back the spirit of the assassinated person and through a form of questioning they try to receive information, from the spiritual world, regarding future occurrences.

Astral Projections:

Many of you may have heard the term Astral Projection and the ideas it represents.

Is something like that possible and what is the conceptual framework behind it?

First of all, everything is energy; so by default you should already have your answer – but let us delve into it a little bit more. Since everything is energy, “exchange” of energies between two (or more) containers is possible. A very simplistic example is the thermal exchange of two containers (aka heat transfer, which is the exchange of thermal energy between physical systems – Physics 101).

Likewise, this is the main concept behind astral projections. The difference however is that what shoots through the astral plain is your own consciousness (carried by the so called astral body). Moreover, since your consciousness is not restricted by any (mainstream) known physical laws it can break through the barriers of time; as a matter of fact advanced sciences have proven that time is a) an illusion, b) that everything occurs simultaneously and c) that time, the way we perceive it in our everyday lives, is a misconception.

In other terms, your consciousness can travel towards past and future events… That is because – spiritually speaking – speed of time is faster for the mental than the physical. Consequently, if you adjust the vibration of your consciousness onto the mental side you can speed up time or rewind it; and this allows you to see the future or the past (even past lives).

Moreover, astral projections allow the individual to come in contact with other entities (good, neutral and evil). That is due to the fact that the astral plain is a whole world by itself; as a matter of fact it is one of the worlds (even if it’s located at the lower levels) that coexist in the spiritual world.

At this point, two questions come to mind: one, what can someone achieve while travelling through the astral plain and two, if astral projections can give someone such powers, why did not the “elites” try to stop the “masses” from entering the astral world?

To the first question:

One thing that can be accomplished while traveling through the astral plain is to see the future as well as the past; even your past lives. What can be gained from observing past lives? From a spiritual standpoint, you will be able to understand why you go through specific hardships of your life, what lessons you are meant to learn from your existing life; and if you correctly connect the dots of your past lives you will be able to foretell, to a certain extent, what future lives await you.

But here is one thing that books, websites, forums etc. do not tell you! By gaining the aforementioned knowledge you are able to speed up the process of your reincarnations. Meaning, that if you were meant to go through, let us say, 100 more reincarnations until you could break the cycle, now you will be able to decrease the number to 33 (the number was brought up as an example).

Here is the sweet thing about it: since you are decreasing the number of reincarnations, if done correctly – through the insights that you gain form the astral plain, you can even affect (till a certain extent of course, and depending on the lessons that you have to learn) which future lives to live and which to avoid.

Moreover, by coming into contact with higher beings you are able to accumulate various types of knowledge that will boost your evolution but you will also get valuable insights on how to deal with numerous issues of your life. That also includes: love interest related issues, job related stuff and everything else as well.

However, if you do it wrong, you will draw to you evil beings or if you do not form different types of (protective) barriers, you will get yourself into serious trouble; not to mention the fact that you will get lost in the astral plain.

To the second question:

Why was, this powerful knowledge, not kept secret from the masses?

Without going into much detail, let’s just say that it was decided from above, for that knowledge to become public so as to help humans in their evolutionary process.

Well, since the elites could not “disagree” with the guys from above (otherwise they would get their asses smacked) they acted on the plain in which they are allowed to act namely, the physical world. And how did they do it? With an all-time classic approach: misinformation.

Here is a thing that did strike us as a surprise (in a negative way). All the books (with a handful of exceptions) that are sold out there to the public, the websites, the forums and all the gurus that present themselves genuine spiritual teachers – got everything completely messed up!

If you observe the literature reviews, which refer to astral projections, they are mainly divided into two parts: part one, explains the theoretical framework while the second part, describes the technique so as to accomplish astral projections.

But all reference after that stage is, in best case, vague!

So why is that (... this is the phase in which the elites did intervene)?

Let us begin from the start: Is the theoretical framework that is presented correct? The most parts, yes. Are the techniques presented accurate so as to accomplish astral projections? The most parts, yes; and yes, many could, through these techniques indeed accomplish astral projections.

What happens after that?

Most nonsense that is written, talked and presented out there is complete rubbish; not only do they have their facts wrong but also they, themselves, have no idea what they are talking about.

The outcome: most people, that have accomplished astral projection, are either lost in the astral world or, worst, they got themselves imprisoned…

The reason is that, once in the astral world, your thoughts immediately become reality; and just by thinking about something they do manifest instantly. When you make a second thought, a second manifestation will occur, that will develop from the first one and so forth; which means that it is just a matter of minutes, if not seconds, to twist your perception of the astral world and to engulf yourself, inside a fake world, that will exist inside the astral world. In other terms, all you will perceive will not be the actual astral plain but your own imaginative world.

And EXACTLY that knowledge remains hidden from the masses!

The elites do it right while the rest goes astray!

Not to mention the fact that, besides being able to navigate through the astral plains, you will also need to know the rules of it, what and why something appears reversed but also, the images that are used to communicate with you and so forth.

Can someone backtrack all of his moves so as to start from ground zero inside the astral plain and to get rid of all the false impressions?

Yes it can be done, but it is easier said than done. To do so you will need to burn down each of your thoughts in a reversed manner; so as to reach your point of origin!

OK, enough with the astral projections… let us address the next topic at hand…

How can someone support the idea of life after death and what is actually going on? How does everything coexist?

First of all, because we are unable to perceive or to understand something, due to our current evolutionary stage, it does not mean that it is not out there or that it does not exist.

For instance, and taking into consideration the spectrum of light, gamma-rays, x-rays, infrared or ultraviolet-rays were always present regardless, if they were not visible to us. It is thanks to science that we are now able to observe these types of light.

The physical-spiritual plains work in a similar fashion.

It is a grave mistake to assume that the physical world and the spiritual world are two different and separated worlds. On the contrary, they do coexist and they do overlap each other (imagine it as the plethora of soundwaves – which is also why some ghost-hunters are able, and under certain conditions, to perceive sounds or images from something out-of-this-world with their tech-equipment)!

This general concept also applies to what people describe as other dimensions, to parallel dimensions and so forth.

This is why all advanced occult manuscripts make reference to the term vibrations. In order to move through these realities you need to increase, or decrease, your level of vibrations (anyone of you who has some experience in meditation should be aware of what we are talking about here); Carlos Castaneda describes this process by using the term assemblage point.

At the current stage, humans are capable to bypass the barriers of physical-spiritual worlds, even the ones of dimensions, solely with their consciousness (aka, astral projections and that is why we did give you a general idea of that concept in previous paragraphs).

What is more, you need to take into account one more factor: equilibrium!

Everything in our cosmos consists in accordance to complete equilibrium. For instance, if you die your physical body eventually becomes one with the earth (ashes-to-ashes). So does your soul (returning to its own plain of origin), which was used as a cloth for the spirit to enter the body; and your spirit returns, completely, to the spiritual world.

In other words, NOTHING vanishes; and to be more accurate, death – the way it is perceived by today’s societies, does in fact NOT exist!

… Before we will go into addressing the topic of “what will happen to you once you die” we need to make reference to one more notion; and that is reincarnations.


First of all, who supports that idea?

Everyone, esoteric students, religions and (very) advanced contemporary sciences!

Aha, not quite – you may jump the gun here and say – Christianity, and a few other religions, as well as mainstream scientists will disagree with that statement!

Not quite… for the following reasons….

One, as stated above we made reference to the very advanced sciences (which includes the scientists involved in them). Thus, you can forget mainstream scientists who just follow the dictations of others and are powerless to think for themselves.

Two, the few other religions have their roots, or derived – one way or another – from Christianity (and most of them are younger than the Christian religion).

Three, Christianity itself was supporting reincarnations until the 4th – 5th century AD.

What changed?

Two things: one, they realized that they could exercise more influence by rejecting reincarnations and two, Christianity’s marketing-department is almost second to no one.

Think of it like this: Christianity brought the Dark Ages and a plethora of additional atrocities to the world, and yet, a striking majority of today’s people have come up with a ridiculous number of unsupported explanations so as to pardon the church. This fact is sufficient enough to illustrate just how good the marketing department of Christianity is; especially, the one of the Catholic Church (a quick tip of advice: we would suggest the marketing divisions of the various corporations to take a few lessons from the Catholic Church’s marketing strategies).

Bottom line is that the concept of reincarnations is supported and accepted by virtually everyone that has involved himself with the investigation of the supernatural or the so called hidden truth.

To wrap it up, the term reincarnation describes the process, in which your spirit comes to earth, over and over again, so as to enter a living body with the purpose of accumulating experiences that will help your spirit’s evolution; and to finally become a true member of the cosmos.

What is the timeframe of every reincarnation to re-occur?

When you look at the literature reviews the investigator will be perplexed due to the fact that everyone gives of random timeframes; for instance some say 2000 years while others claim that a reincarnation can occur almost immediately.

All of these approaches are either misleading or do not provide sufficient explanations…

So, what is actually going on, you may wonder…

To begin with, everything that involves all the spiritual stuff has to apply to certain rules that in a sense are universal, and have to follow a specific symmetry; and that also includes the spheres up in heaven.

To make the long story short, the zodiac cycle is one main indicator. Consequently, a full zodiac cycle lasts for about 26000 years (roughly calculated) thus, 26000 divided by the 12 zodiacs gives us 2166 to 2167 years.

The above is the mainstream approach (...and which is wrong!) since it leaves out the 13th zodiac commonly known as Ophiuchus. And according to the aforementioned rule of symmetry there has to be, at least, one evidence in which the concept of 13 zodiacs applies to the celestial spheres.

The most obvious one are the moon phases and the moon year. Each moon phase lasts for about 28 days and by multiplying it with 13 it gives you 364 days (the earth's year is about 365 days).

Keep in mind 2 factors for the above calculations:

One, we used the average of the numbers/calculations that we did.

Two, in the moon phase we did not include the 2 days in which the moon is invisible (and there is a reason for that), which would give us instead of 28 29.5 days.

What is more, the rule of symmetry must also comply with another cosmic-rule: "As above, so below".

… Since we are referring to the spiritual world, and because everything is connected, there has to be a connecting link between: zodiac cycle moon phases and humans.

And yes there is: 13 zodiacs 13 moon phases, each lasting for approximately 28 days the average menstrual cycle is 28 days long.

Note: The reason that all of that is connected is no coincidence (one hind: the term womb). Now that we think of it, we might arrange all of our notes and write an actual and detailed book about all this stuff. Hm… Let us know if that idea would interest you and we might actually do it…

That brings us to the original question: Every when do reincarnations occur?

We have: 26000 / 13 = 2000 years

And according to the law of symmetry, and to holy arithmology, the answer is as follows:

It can be every (approximate numbers) 2000 years 1000 years 500 125 62.5 years and so forth.

The key holy-numbers are: 1, 2, 4, 8 etc. (also astronomical conditions have to be included in these calculation – the positions of celestial spheres, date of birth etc).

As a side note:

If by any chance, somebody would have to reincarnate in about a year, there can only be two reasons for that:

Your spirit either plays a vital part in cosmic evolution or you suck (big time!).

So, what will happen to you when you die?!

Eventually, the time will come when you will kick the bucket…

So, what’s next?

Is this the end?

Far from it guys…

Here we go…

From the moment you die, the first thing that will happen to you is that your soul-spirit (both of them are still acting as a duo; imagine it something like a single spiritual-body and for simplicity reasons we will call it "astral body").

So there you are, in a sense, hovering over your own corpse.

So, how the hell are you guys supposed to know what to do next? Luckily, for you an entity will appear before you that is commonly referred to as your guardian angel.

So, that’s it?

Not at all… it gets more interesting… keep on reading guys…

Now, this entity will guide you through your next steps; the first one being your wandering around the physical plain.

Commonly the dead stroll around their own body and their beloved ones. Next, they visit the places which mostly played a vital part in their lives.

Nevertheless, bibliography differentiates itself in terms of the time-period the dead spend in hovering around the physical world.

… Before we continue, a question needs to be addressed at this point:

Since contact with higher entities is possible, during astral projections, how come that you guys base your research, for the specific section, in the various literature reviews instead of insights gained during astral projections?

Anyone of you who has done astral projections correctly should be aware of the fact that these entities keep silent about the entire process in which the deceased move from the physical plain to the spiritual plain. You are allowed glimpses but most details are left out. If you knock on the so called evil entities you are confronted with two main problems: one, they demand something in exchange, which usually is not in your best interest and two, they cannot be trusted! In practical terms for the specific topic, they are useless to you… It is as if someone from the higher ups, decided to keep most of the process secret!

The only way to attain with certainty all details about the process is to actually meet someone who did die, went through the entire process and came back to life… If you guys are into religions, let us say Christianity, in which Christ came back from the dead, even he did not say much about the process; as said, it is as if someone up there decided to keep the process secret.

What about the so called near-death experiences?

According to the literature, the ones who did indeed have had real near-death experiences did only experience the starting phase of the entire process and nothing else.

Consequently, the information available to anyone, are the literature reviews (hidden ones as well – which we have included in our research).

Ancient Greek literature has its own telling of such a case, known as the Myth of ER.

To learn more click here: Myth of ER

… Back to the process…

The time period in which your astral body floats around can be from a couple of days up to one-third of your life.

In the first case, literature, suggests that most of the time the dead hangs around his lifeless body, his beloved ones and visits places which were crucial to his life.

In the second case, literature, proposes that the deceased will relive all of his life (but this time, from an observer’s standpoint). The difference is that he will observe everything in a kind of fast-forward style which lasts for about one-third of his original life-time here on earth.

Once this phase concludes, the next phase of the process kicks in…

And here it gets interesting…

It should be noted that regardless which literature we examined, be it religious, be it occult, be it gnostic, be it esoteric, be it magic, be it ancient and so forth, all of them agree in that in this phase the dead person will go through a type of judgement, or through various tests to be more precise; and where there is smoke there is fire.

The only point that literature review disagrees is the number of tests that someone will have to go through…

This is the only disagreement they have…

What is more, they all agree that you will have to pass all of these tests! Fail just one; and its game over for you…

Another point in which the entire literature review agrees is that these tests are fearsome, to the point of being horrifying to the soul-spirit. One reason why they are horrifying is that during these exams your entire life will be revealed in all its secret details; your actions, your words even your deepest thoughts – nothing remains hidden. Another reason that makes these tests horrifying (if you are the religious type) is that even Holy Mary, Jesus Christ's own mother, got cold feet and asked her son to spare her from these tests.

And what did Jesus Christ do? He himself came to meet her and practically she bypassed all tests and went straight to heaven… Which shows you two things: one, how fearsome these tests are and two, that if you have the right connections, they can get you anywhere…

In any event, let us focus on the tests…

These tests are carried out by entities that are given various names (depending on your background and belief system that you follow) but their main purpose is… in today’s terms, to beat the crap out of you and after that, to wipe the floor with your ass… adjust that to spiritual terminology and you should be all set…

So, once you enter that phase the tests focus mainly on aspects of ethos, virtue and the sins that you did commit while living your life on earth (there are a plethora of these tests, if you are interested to read about them in more detail, contact us and let us know if want us to write an article about it).

So obviously, failing the tests means that you will definitely have to go through another incarnation; if that’s it, what is the problem (some may wonder)? You will get the idea pretty soon as you will continue reading…

The other option is to actually pass the tests! Sweet… so what is the reward, heaven?!

Not quite…

After the deceased has finished this stage, the spirit is able to ditch the soul and to proceed as a spirit.

Long story short, entities will come to pick you up and to give you a tour through the celestial spheres… commonly, starting off with, what the religious people would call, heaven; but the tour continues with hell as well (regardless if you are a saint or just a random guy).

The celestial tour, as suggested by the literature reviews, can last from a few days up to forty days (again, depending which literature review you are examining).

Once that tour is over, you are brought before your final judges.

So here’s how it goes:

If you did fail the aforementioned exams/tests, you will definitely not enter heaven.

Depending on how bad you did, you get catapulted to hell; how long you stay there depends on your (bad) score.

If you really did mess up the tests, you get hell AND you also get to be in the in-between stage of being spirit and physical. What does that mean? Simple: no reincarnation for you (hence, you will never be able to clear your sins) until they decide to make you a permanent (aka eternal) resident of hell.

Side note: the ghosts that people see, from time to time, or poltergeists etc. are basically either: the deceased that got trapped in this in-between stage or the deceased ones that are starting their ascension (or their fall, if they end up in hell); with a few exceptions of course.

As said failing these test, you end up in hell; but seriously guys, hell is not “decorated” in such a fashion as it is illustrated in various religious books or in Dante's Divine Comedy - if you believe that stuff, whatever…

If you pass the tests, then you can enter heaven… But if you believe that you can stay there forever, nope… the system is not working like that. Of course your spirit will feel blissful but you get educated for your next reincarnation (commonly you advance further in the cosmic evolutionary process – for the people in hell, it’s the opposite for them). To advance to even higher spheres, you need to break the cycle of reincarnations.

When the time comes, and the guys from beyond decide to send you back… once your memories are being erased (to be precise: your memories of past lives are locked inside you, and that is why under certain techniques you can still see them)… well, back you come for another round of an earthly life of yours…

The above paragraphs describe the afterlife in a very compressed manner and obviously enough there is a tremendous amount of data to be discussed; and we did already overuse the space constrains for an article.

But before we will close the current article we will provide you with some additional insights by following a questions-answer format.

Why do bad persons even get the chance to experience paradise?

Because giving them a taste of what they could have, but will not, makes the punishment in hell more miserable.

Are there many entities etc. in the spiritual world?

As a matter of fact the spiritual world is more lively and populated compared to our own world.

What happens once you break the cycle of reincarnations?

Than you move to higher celestial spheres in which you are taught how to become one of them; such as a guiding angel to others and so forth.

Does that mean that the same souls-spirits always are the ones to reincarnate?

Not exactly... If a spirit manages to break the cycle and to go to higher celestial spheres or if somebody gets stuck in the so called hell, or even the in-between stage, new spirits enter the system.

Does it ever end… meaning, will the so called second coming ever occur?

As a matter of fact there is a number of second comings

To avoid any confusion let us go into a little bit more detail here.

There are seven large cosmic cycles and each is divided in seven smaller ones (as the famous occult saying goes: seven by seven; and by the law of symmetry this is represented in us humans by our 7 chakras).

So in which cycle do we find ourselves today and what happens when a cycle ends?

Currently we are at the 4th great cycle and at the 5th small cycle.

Once a small cycle ends the known civilization usually kicks the bucket (hint: prehistoric mega-monuments); however, from the great cycle’s standpoint the human race evolves.

Once a great cycle ends, the known universe “rearranges itself” so as to become the new ground (with an occurrence such as the big bang) for the new spirits to enter; something like terra universum.

In this new universe, the current spirits that made it and managed to break the cycle of reincarnations, and evolved, will be permanent residents of the spiritual world and take upon them the duty to guide the new spirits.

The others, who failed, will become part of the “dark side” which eventually – as the great cycles approach their completion, will be cut-off from the cosmic evolution and permanently experience hell.

Can a spirit progress or retrogress by each reincarnation?

Yes it can. It all comes down to the choices that each of us makes during their lives here in this universe.

Usually, if you are a bad person here, you might be given chance(s) to redeem yourself, in your next life(s), but it will become gradually more and more difficult for you to do so.

How does a spirit choose its new reincarnation?

Frankly speaking, no one knows the exact details but what can be ascertained is that you (your spirit to be more precise) are given some options and you choose from them; your main goal is to pass your next life’s tests and to further evolve your spirit.

However, a rule of thumb is the fact that your next life will have some specific things in common with your current life. For example, if you are a reporter now in your next life you will be doing something that is related to writing, let us say, you might become a writer or a poet. Moreover, as you will add more “knowledge” in your next life, let us say that you will love sports, then in the life afterwards the previous two lives will be “combined”; for example, you may become a researcher in the sports industry (you combine the faculties of writing, researching (you used to be a reporter and a writer) and sports).

By any chance, if you read this article, and happen to be a billionaire, do NOT take for granted that you will be rich in your next life; you might end up in being a poor old coin-collector from a dump site (remember: your life will be related to money, it does NOT necessarily mean that it will be a luxurious one).

So, if you want to repent for your sins buy us some miraculous coffee by donating to our website.

To conclude:

Even if many of you, who come across the current article, do not believe, or refuse to believe, this stuff is real.

So are you guys supposed to believe science or the occult, religions etc.?

Both, combined and do not be fixated on only one aspect.

If you focus solely on religions you will become a fanatic.

If you focus solely on science, and do not bother with esoteric teachings, you will end up as an emotionless vessel that will cause only harm to you, to your surroundings, to the human race, to nature and the cosmos as a whole.

So if you happen to be a hard-core science guy, just remember:

Science incorporates in its fields of study contemporary evidence, aka knowledge, and shapes its theories. As new evidence comes into light, authentic science, dictates that the new data is integrated into its system and new, and advanced, theories are formed; while old theories generally get discarded. Now, as you go through historical records you will witness that what once was considered the universal belief system of science, is nowadays considered obsolete; in other term, science experiences a paradigm shift.

Thus, as we evolve, as a human kind, we are going to realize that what we were taught in the past may not be what is going to be in the future.

You need to combine both sides and to balance them inside of you; so as to attain harmony and enlightenment.

In other terms, follow Delphi's three main commandments:

ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΑΥΤΟΝ = Know Thyself, ΜΗΔΕΝ ΑΓΑΝ = Nothing in excess; which lead to the individual’s enlightenment "ΕI".

For more click here: The Full List of All Delphic Commandments

What is more, as humans we do not need to necessarily discover new things but to re-discover what we once knew; in other terms, what is sealed inside of us. That is why Ancient Greek Philosophers (and scientists) constantly referred to the word truth (ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ)! Remember Christ’s famous saying: “know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.

Unfortunately anyone of you who has no knowledge of the Ancient Greek language, you are confronted with a language-barrier. Keep in mind two things: One, all the advanced esoteric students study Ancient Greek (and many advanced occult manuscripts ARE written in the Ancient Greek Language; not to mention the fact that the Bible was written in Ancient Greek)! Two, the word ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ derives from Α-ΛΗΘΗ which means to remember! Consequently, we need to remember, and by remembering our real pasts, everything will be revealed to us and THIS will set us free…

If you have any questions about the topics addressed in the current article, and would like to read the answers, do not hesitate to contact us; and if need arises we could write a supplementary article to this one.

All that being said…

What do you guys think about the article of "Afterlife and Death: what will happen to you when you die…"?

Let us know your thoughts of the article by visiting our Forum.

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