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Homer's Odyssey Mystic Messages (Part 1 - The Suitors)

So guys, here we are with a provocative title that practically tells you that our guy Homer was actually passing around hidden (aka mystic) messages with his famous epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey.

The most obvious question that should pop-up in your minds should be:

Are you guys for real?!

And the answer: Yes, we are serious!

Oh, through our sixth sense we can hear the next questions appearing in your mind:

How come that no one noticed it before? Are all university professors, researchers etc. that stupid for not realizing that?

And the answer:

We do not know how smart or stupid somebody is nor does it concern us. What you should keep in mind is that this knowledge is (purposely?) kept away from the main-stream channels but also that in order to be able to uncover the hidden messages of Homer you need to know Greek; specifically, Ancient Greek (we will illustrate that point later on, don’t worry).

And when we say to know Ancient Greek we also include that you should be able to understand the idioms and so forth of the Ancient Greek language. Moreover, you will need to have dictionaries at your disposal; especially the older the dictionary you will hold in your hands, the more accurate it will be! Believe it or not, it is a fact that our researches did proof multiple times again and again.

Now let us ask you this: how many people do you know that are actually fulfilling these requirements?


Moving on…

Moreover, in order to reveal to you the hidden messages of Homer's epic poems we will need to utilize what is known as "etymology". OK, some of you may wonder what the term “etymology” stands for. In a very simplistic explanation it is the science to analyse the root and meaning of each word, letter etc.

OK, enough with the boring stuff let us focus on the meat of the current article.

So, will the article present to you all of Homer’s hidden messages? Obviously not; because a tremendous amount of space would be required to do all of that.

What we will do, however, is to take “snap-shots” from Homer’s stories, analyse them and provide you with the mystic messages; and that is exactly why in the title you also see “(Part 1)”.

Consequently, the current article will focus on the Suitors of Penelope and how, and why, Odysseus took them down (aka killed them); even the order matters!!!

For more on Odysseus click here: Odysseus

The Background of the Story:

As you all know (or at least should now) after the Trojan War, Odysseus sets sails towards Ithaca, his home.

We all would assume: “So what’s the big deal about it anyway?”, correct?

Granted; we couldn’t agree more with you guys. However, there was a "small" problem to his journey back home and that problem had a name: Poseidon! Yep, god Poseidon was seriously pissed at Odysseus of playing a major role in the destruction of Troy…

We say: common Poseidon, don’t be that immature because Odysseus invented a horse that, later on, became known as the Trojan Horse (bummer)! Although, we do suspect that Poseidon was more likely ego-tripping because Odysseus actually managed to tremble on Poseidon’s ego (and his ego was BIGGGG); not once but twice!!!

What ego you may wonder…

You see guys, a certain story states that Poseidon, and Apollo, build (or oversaw the constructions) of the Trojan Wall; and Poseidon was proud of it by claiming that these walls were impenetrable. Truth be told, Troy was destroyed from within (you know, Trojan Horse etc).

The other instance was when Odysseus blinded Polyphemus, the famous Cyclops (for more click here: Polyphemus.)

You see, that dude was one of Poseidon’s children and Odysseus did not just blind him, Odysseus literally trash talked the crap out of him.

So, to make the long story short it took Odysseus 10 years to reach Ithaca; and to do that he had to overcome a plethora of ridiculous obstacles (monsters, being catapulted all around the world etc. you name it, you have it).

Eventually, Odysseus reached his home and realized that all of them thought that he was killed in Troy (remember: ten years passed; and no emails or smartphones at that time were available lol).

In any event and during his absence, rich smugs appeared that wanted to get their hands on Odysseus’ kingdom and at his wife Penelope; his son, Telemachus, couldn’t do crap to stop them…

The smugs are known as the Suitors of Penelope, aka known as Proci or Mnesteres (Greek: Μνηστῆρες) and they were insulting Odysseus home, wasting his kingdom’s wealth, mistreating his people and the list goes on.

And the story goes on and on as well…

To the main story and our Analysis

… While Odysseus was about to crash their party he stopped!

What? For real?

Remember three major facts guys:

One, Odysseus was not just strong but he also was the smartest of all of his allies in the Trojan War. As a matter of fact Odysseus was the most wicked warrior among all – allies and enemies – and he was the most favoured by the goddess Athena.

Two, goddess Athena is practically the brains of Mount Olympus. Highly intellective, smart with an IQ that shoots out of the roof, strategic and so forth; and if by any chance, she could not reason with you, well, Athena would beat the crap out of you because she was ridiculous strong as well (and yeah, she was Zeus favoured child).

Three, Athena appeared before Odysseus to support him in order to deal with these mofos (apologies for the vulgar vocabulary).

What happened next?

(In a nutshell)

Athena transformed Odysseus into a homeless bagger which allowed Odysseus to sneak into his palace, to observe the situation, to see that his wife was still loyal to him (respect to Penelope!), to realize that his son was ready to go whenever Odysseus would give the signal, to screen the suitors (obviously enough, Odysseus classified all of them as “dead meat”) and to devise a strategy.

To do that Odysseus had to keep up with all of the suitors’ insults (remember guys, he was transformed as a bagger).

On top of all that, the only one that saw behind the transformation was his loyal dog that… after a lick-hug session died immediately after (Damn you Homer with your soap-opera lol).

Lesson One: What does Homer teach us here, what is his hidden message?

Odysseus embodies rationality and strategic thinking (bless you Athena) and what matters is not a “blind brute force attack” but achieving the objective which was: to free his kingdom, smack the suitors and get his family back.

What Odysseus did was to study his enemies, to understand them and to fight them, if necessary, even with their own weapons.

Consequently, when the time came, Athena transformed Odysseus back to his original form; then, Odysseus locked the suitors inside the big hall and struck them down mercilessly.

The Etymology and the secret mystic messages:

OK, before we begin, because the number of suitors is big and due to space constrains we will focus on the most famous of the suitors, which were:





The Latin names of the suitors DO NOT allow you guys to analyse anything and that point exactly supports our claim at the beginning of the article: you need to know Ancient Greek!!!

The Greek version of the aforementioned names is (the names are listed in the same order):

ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (the two words that make up that name are: ΑΝΤΙ-ΝΟΟΣ from: ΑΝΤΙ + ΝΟΗΣΗ)

ΕΥΡΥΜΑΧΟΣ (the two words that make up that name are: ΕΥΡΥ-ΜΑΧΟΣ)

ΑΜΦΙΝΟΜΟΣ (the two words that make up that name are: ΑΜΦΙ-ΝΟΜΟΣ)

ΑΓΕΛΑΟΣ (the two words that make up that name are: ΑΓΕ-ΛΑΟΣ from: ΑΓΕΛΗ + ΛΑΟΣ)


What does the name ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ stand for?

It is a combination of 2 words ΑΝΤΙ-ΝΟΟΣ (aka Αντί-Νόηση) and translates “instead (or against of) the mind (or the judgment)”! He stands for all communication-tools that are utilized against your mind and will.

In other words, ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) represents everything that clouds our minds and our judgment, everything that does not allow us to think clear; and once someone is able to control your mind, it’s pretty much game-over for you!

Hence, ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) is the most dangerous one and that is why Homer described him as something like the leader of the ragged pack of suitors.

Today, ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) would represent Propaganda, twisting of words and conceptions, twisting facts, controlling the masses' minds or ideas, controlling the mass media etc.

And that is also why Odysseus killed him first! To avoid, his mind, to get clouded.

If you guys are into occult (or the new age stuff) we are pretty confident that you heard expressions like “the mind over the body”, “the mind controls everything”, “we see not with our eyes but with our minds” and so forth.

Coincidence? We think not…

But what is more interesting is the fact of how Odysseus killed ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous).

Odysseus shot down ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) with an arrow… at ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) throat, the organ of speech.

In other terms, Odysseus silenced ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) once and for all.

Next on the list is ΕΥΡΥΜΑΧΟΣ (Eurymachus), which is a combination of 2 words ΕΥΡΥ-ΜΑΧΟΣ and translates as “he who fights with every means (even with unjust means), fair or unfair, honourably or not, it does not matter; what matters is to achieve victory at any cost. Fighting Mercilessly…”

And that is why, after Odysseus was able to protect his mind, he killed ΕΥΡΥΜΑΧΟΣ (Eurymachus).

To get a better idea imagine it like this:

First you protect your mind, your judgement, which allows you to keep your cool at any given moment and to not be affected by the enemies propaganda. Then, you take down the enemy’s military force… you do get the idea, correct?

And to give you an even better idea, what does contemporary military tactics teach: First, take down the enemies communications (their brains), and once in disarray (or in the dark) attack their forces.

That being said, next in line to be smacked is: ΑΜΦΙΝΟΜΟΣ (Amphinomus), which is a combination of 2 words ΑΜΦΙ-ΝΟΜΟΣ and translates as “the one that twists the law and the order of things”. He is dangerous because you do not know when he will betray you or when he will disrupt the order of things/circumstances (today, we would could such a person a two-faced bloody bastard).

So after Odysseus took down his enemy’s communications and military strength, he proceeded by smoking Loki’s ass (well, that is if you guys are into Northern Mythology); hence, Odysseus had cleared his flanks and his back as well.

Finally, left was his front, namely ΑΓΕΛΑΟΣ (Agelaus), which is a combination of 2 words ΑΓΕ-ΛΑΟΣ and translates as “he who leads (in the negative sense) the masses, he who turns the people into brainless mobs with the help of ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous)”.

And that is why Odysseus killed ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) first and ΑΓΕΛΑΟΣ (Agelaus) last.

So, again, to help you guys understand how Odysseus annihilated his enemies:

First, he took down communications, propaganda etc. (information-flow was all his).

Then he destroyed the enemy’s military strength.

Afterwards, he proceeded by killing the one that could throw Odysseus into disorder, even if the two previous enemies were killed. In other terms, he made sure that his enemy could not launch a counter-strike. Hence, he managed to cause disorder in the ranks of his enemies.

Finally, Odysseus cleared his kingdom from the brainless mobs/masses (remember, ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) was killed first; hence, brainless – aka there was no one to lead them). In contemporary military terms, that would be something like clearing the leftovers after the main battle so as to zero any possibility of an enemy to cause future distress (something like guerilla warfare).

Hopefully guys, you were able to get an idea of how the secret messages are passed from Homer to the initiated ones.


If you believe that this concludes our article, we thought to go one step ahead and provide you with a more detailed analysis of, at least, one of the suitors’ names.

So, let us go with the most dangerous one… yep, you guys guessed correctly: ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous).

The PRO-level analysis (in a Nutshell):

In order for you to fully grasp the meaning behind ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) we will have to make use of Ancient Greek a lot (yeah, sorry guys for that).

According to Ancient Greek Etymology, the letter N symbolizes 3 meanings: Mind, Law and Water (Greek: Νους, Νόμος και τα Νερά στην φύσιν).

Consequently, ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) is the ruler (with the negative sense of the term "ruler") and the adversary of the mind who halts the mind’s development.

Nevertheless, how does ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) accomplish that (remember, Odysseus shot his arrow at his throat)?

Throat (Greek: λαιμός ) is also called δειρή or δέρη which, according to Ancient Greek Etymology, is decoded as Δ - ΕΙΡΗ --> Δ - ΕΙΡΩ.

The letter Δ represents power while the verb είρω has the dual meaning of saying / speaking and connecting. Hence, the word λαιμός (Throat) represents the power of the Logos (any Bible guys around) and, with that power, connects the mind (Greek: ΝΟΥΝ ) with the Logos.

Before we continue, keep in mind that the prefix “ΑΝΤΙ” has a dual meaning (dual this and dual that, blaim it on the esoteric mysteries guys, lol): it can stand for a) the opposite of something or b) instead of someone.

Food for thought for you guys:

Take the word Antichrist (Anti-Christ). Will this dude be the opposite of Christ or the Christ’s proxy?

Back to our case:

ΑΝΤΙ-ΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) falls into the first category (the opposite of something) therefore, he acts against the Logos, acts against the mind and acts against anything that represents just, objective and rational thinking.

Therefore, Odysseus had to terminate ΑΝΤΙ-ΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) first, and he did it by destroying ΑΝΤΙ-ΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) “weapon”; his throat (aka, the source of speech).

To summarize:

When we all study something what matters is to understand what we are reading, to comprehend its deeper meaning and to be able to read in-between the lines.

Sounds simple yet it is not.

And that is exactly why Alchemists, Occultists and all the famous researchers – when they wanted to hide something – they wrote their texts with hidden messages or lines above the previous lines, creating multi-layers of lines inside sentences.

To decipher that, an investigator needs to understand the deeper meanings and to uncover the keys that will allow him to decode the codes of the Ancient Ones.

So guys,

What do you think about Homer's hidden messages?

Let us know your thoughts of the article by visiting our Forum.

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