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The Pantheon of Corporations for 2016

The Pantheon of Corporations for 2016

Since we are living in a world that is intertwined in terms of businesses, completely, it was about time that we would include our Pantheon of Corporations for the year 2016.

For this article to be written, a tremendous amount of data, tables and graphs had to be reviewed, so as for us, to be able to reach a conclusion; and it was not easy...

Consequently, this is Ancient Greece Reloaded - "Pantheon of Corporations for 2016".

The Pantheon of Corporations for 2016

Gods of Olympus Corporations
Zeus Google / Alphabet
Poseidon Maersk
Hades ExxonMobil
Hera Walmart
Ares Royal Dutch Shell
Athena Microsoft
Apollo Walt Disney
Demeter Nestlé
Aphrodite L'Oréal
Hermes Amazon
Artemis WWF (World Wildlife Fund)
Hephaistos General Electric

While going through the list of the “Pantheon of Corporations for 2016” some of you might be surprised of not seeing some well-known corporations in it.

Why is that?

Because we formed the list based on the actual influence that the corporations have on peoples' lives as well as on how they affect the world’s economy.

Consequently, we depicted the top-of-the-top, centred on each of the Ancient Greek Gods characteristics.

What do you guys think about The Pantheon of Corporations for 2016?

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Author: nikvas

Published: October 12, 2016

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