Classical Period

Events Time Additional Explanations
Xerxes marches on Greece.
Battle of Thermopylae.
Persians burn the Acropolis.
Athens and allies defeat Persian fleet at naval battle of Salamis.
480 BCE
Classical Period (480-323).
Transitional (480-450).
Battle of Plataea.
Greeks defeat Persian army.
479 BCE
Delian league lead by Athens. 477 BCE
Earthquake in Lakonia.
Helot revolt against Sparta in Messenia.
465 BCE
Peloponnesian Wars: "First Peloponnesian War". 461-445 BCE
Perikles leads Athens through its "Golden Era" (ca. 460-429). 460 BCE
Aeschylus produces "the Oresteia" trilogy of tragedies: (Agamemnon, Libation Barers, Eumenides) in Athens. 458 BCE
Delian league treasury moved from Delos to Athens. 454 BCE
Sophist Protagoras visits Athens. 450 BCE
Acropolis and other major building projects begin in Athens.
Construction of Parthenon (449-432).
Sophocles produces the tragedy "Ajax".
449 BCE
Thirty-year peace treaty signed between Athens and Sparta in winter 446/445. 446 BCE
Sophocles produces "Antigone" in Athens 430-429. 441 BCE
Peloponnesian War (431-404) resumes Euripedes produces "Medea" in Athens. 431 BCE
Plague epidemic in Athens. 430 BCE
Death of Perikles. 429 BCE
Peace of Nicias. 421 BCE
Construction of Temple of Athena Nike (420-410). 420 BCE
Athenians resume hostilities Spartans defeat Athens at Mantinea. 418 BCE
Athens razes Melos. 416 BCE
Athens expedition to Syracuse.
Alcibiades defects to Sparta.
415 BCE
Syracuse defeats Athens. 413 BCE
Aristophanes produces "Lysistrata". 411 BCE
Athens surrenders to Sparta.
Thirty tyrants rule Athens.
404 BCE
Democracy restored in Athens. 403 BCE
Trial and execution of Socrates. 399 BCE
Plato establishes the Athens Academy. 380 BCE
Sparta defeated in Leuctra. 371 BCE
Thebes defeats Sparta at Mantinea. 362 BCE
Philip II, becomes King of Macedonia. 359 BCE
Macedonian army defeats Athens and its allies at Chaeronea.
League of Corinth founded.
338 BCE
Phillip II Assassinated.
Alexander the Great becomes king of Macedonia.
336 BCE
Aristotle founds the Lyceum in Athens. 335 BCE
Alexander the Great defeats Persian army at Granicus river in Anatolia. 334 BCE
Alexander the Great defeats Persians at Issus. 333 BCE
Tyre capitulates to Alexander after siege. 332 BCE
Alexander invades Egypt.
City of Alexandria founded in Egypt.
Alexander defeats Persians at Gaugamela.
331 BCE
Alexander's army reaches Bactria (Afghanistan). 329 BCE
Alexander marries Roxane (princes of Bactria). 327 BCE
Alexander's army reaches India. 326 BCE

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